The Process



Building a home should be an INSPIRING experience.

We know there are many horror stories out there regarding builders and New Homes but at Inspired Homes we pride ourselves on impeccable customer service from your initial contact right through to handover! We try our best to make it as seamless as possible – but don’t forget, it is a complex process, so there may be minor issues along the way but rest assured we are here to help ensure that your experience with Inspired Homes is an enjoyable one!

Here’s an insight into what you can expect from our process when you build with Inspired Homes……



We’ll start with an Initial Meeting. From here we will find out all of your needs and wants when it comes to your development. This will enable us to create for you your “custom concept design sketch”.

If you are happy with the initial concept and would like to see your design come to life you will enter into a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA) for us to proceed to the next stage, if you would like more time or would like the feeling of an architectural consultation but not the cost of one then visit our DIAMOND DESIGN service page for more details. The PPA will involve us getting a contour survey of your land as well as recreating your design in ArchiCad

What we will need;

  • A detailed area plan
  • Proof of Purchase i.e.: Certificate of Title
  • A design Brief that matches your approximate Budget
  • Pre-Approval of finance

As a custom builder we will create your masterpiece from scratch to ensure that it meets all of your requirements! This means we are happy for you to share your ideas, sketches and requirements with us and we will endeavor to tick all your boxes.

We will also provide advice on site works, services and any other issues that may relate to your block. We can even help you secure a development site should you be looking to go down that avenue.

We also have an extensive range of existing Inspired Homes home designs in various specifications, and you are welcome to see if any of them are suitable, or perhaps adaptable to your needs.

If you’re happy with what you have heard and are ready to go ahead, we’ll ask you for a small commitment to engage the first stage of conceptual design with a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA Stage 1 Deposit).

Approximately 10 working days later after this meeting (depending on what kind of development you are doing), we’ll show you the initial draft concept plan. If you require any further changes that’s not a problem, we will amend the design so you are 100% happy with it.

This will then be sent to the estimating department. Don’t forget we are a ‘custom builder’ and every little detail of your home has been custom designed to suit your needs. This means we need a little bit extra time than the project builders to ensure every aspect of your home is costed correctly. From here we will provide you with an initial quote giving you an indicative price and an addenda to specifications appropriate to your budget selection and outlining all of the selections that are included in your quote. This will coincide with your working drawings that come later on.

If you need to lower your budget, no problem we can make two further changes until you are happy, once you have confirmed your changes, we will provide you with a more accurate building price, but please note any changes and upgrades to the existing addenda are to be made at the Pre start stage, and not during concept design.



There are some responsibilities and costs involved in building your new home that are not included in your contract price. Here is a list to help you fully understand the process;

  • All relevant council fees: Including Planning Application, Building Permit and your verge bond
  • Demolition Licence Fee and Demolition of your block as you must provide a clean block that is free of debris and plant matter. (This can be included in your contract as a Provisional Sum)
  • The payment of Utilities during construction including Power and Water Usage at the site.
  • All temporary & permanent Boundary Fencing and Boundary Retaining: Including liaising with neighbours regarding fencing as per the Dividing Fences Act (more information on this can be found at the following link
  • A Signed BA20A from your neighbour if required
  • Organising Finance Approval for construction: Please note you must provide to your financial institution with your application the HIA Construction Stages & Percentages in WA letter that was given in your information pack.
  • Payment of your 6.5% deposit which is due on signing of your Contract as per clause 7(a) of your HIA contract. (Conditions apply)

If you would like to include any of the following services in your contract price we can provide you with an Optional Inclusions Price which is separate to your construction quote and from here you can decide if you would like any of them included in your final contract price. The options are as follows;

  • Utility Application Fees: Including Water Corporation Headwork’s Fees, Western Power Green Dome and Alinta Gas connections.
  • Engineering Costs for your Working Drawings
  • Strata Title Application Fees (only applicable to multi-unit developments)


This is it, the big moment…….

A very important note is that major structural changes are advised against after this point as this causes lengthy delays in the design process and will incur additional fees for engineers details, re quoting and re-designs further down the track, so try to make sure you’re 100% happy with the initial concept and the structural selections i.e.: colourbond vs tiled roof where possible but we do understand that you may want to change your mind and will be happy to accommodate any changes that you require.

The balance of your 6.5% deposit is legally due on signing of your contract and once we have applied for your indemnity insurance you can forward all your documentation onto your lending institution to secure your finance for construction. Once you have finance approval, you will need to provide a letter of approval to us.

Once you sign your contract then we can lodge for DA approval.



Your contracts signed, the PPA is signed & paid, your concept design is finalised so what’s next?

From here we will continue to DA Planning, preparing your plans with justifications and all the relevant information to attain Planning approval. You will be required to pay all the relevant council fees directly to your nominated council, but we are happy to act on your behalf should you require it, and you can simply make a cheque out to the council and we will lodge on your behalf.

Once we have received Planning approval and are ready to move onto preparing the working drawings that meet NCA/BCA and Australian Standard, R-Code requirements and Estate covenant demands.

Engineers will conduct a soil test to determine the soil type. We’ll also need to determine the Wind Classification and the Coastal Zone assessment.

Once approval is received and you’re happy to proceed with Inspired Homes then we will move onto Working Drawings and Pre-Start.



this is where we take all of your wish list ideas and make them a reality. The more information you can bring to your prestart the better!

You would have recieved your client information file this will allow you to familiarise yourself with your plans and have a look at what’s on offer from Inspired Homes.

You will then meet with our Pre Start Colour selections specialist in our extensive award winning product display showroom to assist you in making the colour, materials and fixture selections in your home, and as an added extra we even have pre-selected colour boards made by the award winning team at Moda Interiors that you can choose from.

They will guide you through this process, with plenty of samples, displays and colour examples on hand as well as an extensive photo library to show you some examples so you can compare and evaluate different combinations.

You will also be able to upgrade or change any of your fittings and fixtures at this stage, and we are more than happy to help you through this process!

We encourage you to take your time, think through your selections and be sure that you are happy with the final choices that you have made as once you sign off on your variations to your addenda, your selections are final and we prefer they not be varied during construction (this is also to avoid lengthy delays, and cost variations).

Once your pre-start changes have been done, they will be sent back to estimating for pricing, if you are happy with the price and they are signed off, they will be given back to drafting to amend and finalise you’re working drawing plans and any changes will be listed on your variation Invoice and reflected on a new set of plans and addenda.

Once you’ve signed off on everything ( including plans, addenda & VO’s ) and are ready to lodge for building license we will prepare all of your final documentation, which includes the addenda, specifications, contracts, engineering and costing’s.

We’ll liaise with the relevant authorities such as The Water Corporation, engineers and the all-important local council to gain their final approvals and prepare a building license. If there are any issues, we’ll work with the authority involved to solve them.


Once your construction drawings have been amended to include any pre start variations and are 100% completed we will obtain structural drawings from the engineer which takes approximately 4 weeks. Once this is received, your plans and Engineering are required to go through a certification stage before lodgment. This process takes approximately 2 weeks. Once we have all the relevant paperwork signed and approved we are ready for lodgment! Once in council the average turnaround time is 10 days.



this is it, its officially happening!! You can now send your Building Licence to your financial institution to release your deposit funds prior to any work being carried out on site.

We will also need Approvals from Synergy & Alinta Gas as well as the Water Corporation before we can proceed onto pouring your slab so depending on those factors we endeavor to get to site within 30 working days however should there be delays from either of these institutions then this is obviously out of our control.



It’s time to build.

By this stage we should have received your finance approval and payment schedule, power and water approvals, building approvals and the titles to your land. We are officially ready to go!

Please note that your contract time commences from the date of your slab pour not the date of signing your contract or issue of building license.

Home Loan Repayments

For most people, they borrow the full amount for their block of land and their new home.

This means after settlement, you’ll start making repayments on your block of land. However, you should expect that your repayments will increase incrementally as your building loan is drawn down by the builder.

What If I’m paying for some of the Build, And the Banks Paying the Rest?

Let’s say you are wanting to build a new home for $500,000 and have $200,000 in your bank account and you have a bank loan approved for $350,000. You’re planning on using $50,000 of your money at the end of the build, to pay for some finishing items and to purchase some new furniture.

Who pays what and when?

The banks will all require you to pay your portion of the bill first, and they will take care of the rest.

That means you’ll be expected to pay $150,000 before the bank releases a cent.

It’s not how most clients want it done, but the banks generally do this to ensure that money isn’t spent before the building is completed, which is fair enough.

However, this means you should be prepared in advance. If you have funds in fixed term deposits, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to get those funds out when we issue you with your progress claim, if you can’t, we as the builder are entitled to stop work and also charge you late fees on your payment, but we hope that we never get to this point…. So be prepared!

We hope this has cleared up some of your questions relating to progress claims and payment schedules. For the most part, just be aware that the banks will release your funds in accordance with your contract, and your repayment amounts will increase as they release more and more money.



Now it’s time to sit back and relax! You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s our turn!

From slab pour to handover we aim to have your development completed well within the allotted contract time (weather permitting)

As you will already know the standard build process involves 2 phases: Pre-construction and Construction. At Inspired Homes if you have selected a ‘BUILT COMPLETE’ option then we have 3 phases. The Pre-construction phase (drawing plans, contracts, finance, building license, planning approval) takes approx. 24 weeks. Construction (building of the home) takes approx. 28 weeks from the concrete slab being poured and the Turn Key Phase is approx. 12wks however we strive to complete our homes under time and on budget!

But you will be amazed at how quickly your home can be created just by having all your information up front, this means there is no stop starting during construction and things should run as smoothly as possible.



Once your construction has been completed we are ready for handover

You will be able to do a final inspection on your home to look at the finished product. We will go through the home highlight any reasonable items that need rectifying, and look at the overall. If you have provided a small list of changes, we will endeavor to have those completed within 10 working days.

Once your happy with everything and we have received your final payment, we will invite you into our office to sign off on the last documents, collect your handover files which include all your manuals, keys and supplier/trade contact numbers and receive an amazing gift hamper as a token of our appreciation for choosing Inspired Homes for your building needs.

You will then be handed over to our maintenance provider. Should there be any slight issues after handover our maintenance team will be there to help you out.


But it doesn’t end there. Our Structural Warranty continues for 10 years after the PCI, and we’re committed to ensuring your home is free from defect.


We also may ask your permission to submit your home into the Housing Industry of Australia’s Housing Awards, which is a huge honour should your home receive an award.

History has shown that these awards add value to your home, with 1 villa that won Townhouse and Villa of the Year for the whole state of WA increasing its value 10 fold. You will be provided with a gift card as a token of our appreciation for participation in the awards process. Click here to view our list of Awards


Note: This is a general guideline only and Inspired Homes reserves the right to ammend or adjust the process at any time

Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Images shown may depict fixtures, finishes and features that do not come standard in all homes and are not included in our standard price. Specification is correct at the time of printing and is subject to change at the builders discretion E&OE