Environmental Responsiblities


inspired HOMES in partnership with Carbon Catchers & Earhcare Recycling

At inspired HOMES we acknowledge that it is our responsibility to ensure our children’s children have a world that is full of trees and to contribute to paving the way to a better life for future generations.

So, at inspired HOMES we provide a tree replanting service for you within the carboncatchers plantations and on site we work towards having a positive impact on our own environment and by dramatically reducing the impact on the environment through clean recycling options.

For every tree that is removed during demolition we replace by making a donation to carboncatchers to fund the replanting of trees. Each tree that we plant has its own unique GPS location which we can provide to you. You can then track where the tree is planted through Google Earth by entering the unique code we provide you with on the Carbon Catchers home page.

Earthcare Recycling (ECR) offers a simple and effective system for at source collection and separation of builders waste using a series of colour coded bins. This enables us to reduce the amount of waste and recycle over 95% of the waste we generate!

Just remember every little bit counts towards our children’s future. So choose Inspired Homes as your #1 Environmentally Friendly Builder