5 Tips to Add Flavours of Morocco to Your Home

Moroccan style is notoriously tricky to pull off, particularly when you’re living on the other side of the world with no access to all those gorgeous bazaars and souks to browse through.

Architects and interior designers all over the world have been trying to replicate Morocco’s look for years. Steeped in a diverse history that’s influenced by a multitude of cultures and religions, the look is rich, bold and opulent. If you want to introduce the flavours of Morocco to your home, here are five tips from the team at Inspired Homes to help you on your way.

1. Geometrics


No doubt one of the most recognisable features of Moroccan interior design is its generous use of geometric patterns. This can be applied to rugs, cushions, artwork and architectural features. You can see several examples of how geometric designs can be utilised in Inspired Homes’ new Moroccan-influenced display home, the Casablanca.

2. Bold Colours and Textures


What would a Moroccan-style home be without rich, jewel tones to reflect the riot of colour on display at a Moroccan marketplace? Pops of colour in the form of pillows, rugs, bedspreads and chair cushions can all be added to give your home some international flair. Blue in particular is popular, reflecting the cool azure of the Mediterranean coastline. Different textures can be applied in the form of wood, stone, metal, glass and decorative rendering.

3. Plenty of White


Let’s face it, Morocco is a hot place. Situated in North Africa, it can become incredibly hot – in other words, a lot like Perth. What better way to cool down your home then but using plenty of cool, white surfaces to deflect the heat. This can be utilised on both interior and exterior walls, floors and ceilings, as well as bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Use it as a base, and add your bursts of colour in the form of smaller, decorative features.

4. Light Fittings


Nothing quite says exotic like bold, patterned brass, silver or copper light fittings. Whether you opt for a geometric design or something a little more minimalist, Moroccan lamps and light fixtures are one of the most recognised aspects of this style of design and architecture.

5. Be Eclectic


One of the hardest looks to pull off is a home that is filled with mismatched pieces that have been effortlessly put together. There’s a fine line between making a home look sumptuous and exotic, or making it just look cluttered. The Marrakech look can be achieved by subtle layering (think colourful bedspreads with plenty of pillows, or overlapping rugs), clusters of interesting displays on bookshelves or tables and lots of cushions with different colours and patterns.

For more great ideas about Moroccan inspired home design,  take a look at our Casablanca display home here or view our full range of display homes.

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