Behind the Scenes Look at Our Building Process

If you ask someone about how long it took to build their house you will either be told it was really fast, or really slow. To us each build generally takes the same amount of time but why do the clients answers change? That’s easy, it’s because of the expectation that was set from the beginning.

As builders the most important thing we can do for our clients is set the right expectation when it comes to the timeline. There won’t always be activity on site each and every day, at some stages of the build things need time to set and cure before the next stage of the build can commence.

Here is a behind the scenes look at our building process:

1. Site Preparation


This involves us clearing the site and pegging it out with the surveyor and if required, retaining walls will be built.

2. Slab Down


This is the first time you will see your house coming out of the ground! Before the slab is laid the plumber & electrician will come and install the plumbing and wiring that is located beneath the slab so it’s laid out and ready.

3. Walls Up


It doesn’t take us too long to get the walls up. We find this is the most exciting time for our clients because they can see the size of their house and get a feel for each room.

4. Roof On


This starts with the roof frames being installed and then the tiling or sheeting being installed.

5. The ‘Rough In’


This is where the electricians and plumbers work together. They install all the internal pipes and cabling so we can install the internal linings.

6. Internal Linings


This can be the part of the build that feels like the longest because people aren’t on site every day. After the ‘rough in’ has been done we plaster the walls and install the ceilings. In order for these to be done correctly the plaster needs time to cure to give it the best opportunity to prevent cracking.

7. Lock Up


This is when all windows and sliding doors are installed so your property is able to be ‘locked up’.

8. Waterproofing and Tiling


It’s time for the plumber to shine! The plumbers will prepare for tiling and waterproofing by install baths etc. Then we will waterproof all the wet areas in preparation for the cabinets and for the tilers to start work.

9. Timbers Fit-Out


While the tilers are working the carpenters can come in and build your robes, the kitchen pantry and linen cupboards and install internal doors.

10. Final Fit-Out


This is when things like appliances, toilets, painting, mirrors, door handles etc. are installed. Think of it as us putting on the ‘finishing touches’.

11. Practical Completion


It’s time for you to come and meet your new home! We will take you through the house, showing you all of our hard work and noting down any defects that may need to be fixed which will just be small things like touch ups and minor adjustments.

12. Start the Car!


Handover is so it’s time to move in! We have completed any adjustments that were identified in the Practical Completion, you’ve spoken to your bank and finalised the settlement and we’ve given you the keys!

We hope this helps us setting the right expectation to you from the get-go. Your happiness is so important to us and we will continue to update you throughout your build to keep things on track.

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