Top 3 Tips for Sending the Kids Back to School

The end of the school holidays can give rise to a mixture of emotions for parents. On the one hand, you’re a bit sad that you won’t get as much quality time having fun with your children. On the other hand, you’re quite relieved that they’ll be out of your hair and are looking forward to a bit more peace and quiet around the house.

Regardless of how their parents feel, most kids aren’t thrilled at the prospect of giving up their summer holidays and hitting the books again. To help make life easier for everyone involved, we’ve come up with our top 3 tips to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Set Up a Study Area


Regardless of whether they’re in primary or high school, setting up a study area is a great way to help get your kids used to the idea that they’ll be heading back to school. Not only will it help them be more productive, involving them in the process (by letting them help design the space and choose their school supplies) can also help get them excited about learning rather than dreading the end of their holidays.

Set Up a Consistent Sleep Routine


Hell hath no fury like a tired and grumpy child getting ready for school! While it can be fun to let the kids stay up past their bedtime over the holidays, it’s important to get them back into their regular routine before the start of the school year. Enforcing strict bedtimes for a week or two before they head back will pay huge dividends in the long run!

Plan Some Family Time


Heading back to school can be a stressful process for everyone involved. Between running around town buying supplies and uniforms, organising a whole household and coming to terms with the fact that the holidays are over, it can be easy for tempers to fray and arguments to occur.

Planning some quality family time like games or movie nights can be a great way of restoring some harmony in the house and help to get everyone in a good mood. It’s pretty hard to stay angry at each other when there is popcorn involved after all!

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