This Aircon Will Blow You Away!

When summer hits in Perth there’s two things you can’t miss, that it’s boiling hot and the gentle hum of everyone’s air conditioners being switched on.

Air conditioning is a mandatory feature for all new homes as it ensures that your family has a way of staying comfortable when our city is at its hottest. However, it might surprise you to know that like most things, air conditioning as we know and love it is being changed thanks to some innovative minds.

Let us Introduce the Actron Que


We’ve been using Actron Air in our homes for years. They’re a reputable brand with a reliable product that can be controlled whenever you want, wherever you are. Que is the most advanced air conditioning platform ever and here’s why:

  • With Que Connect you can control your air conditioning from anywhere with your mobile phone and an internet connection.
  • You can schedule your system to run automatically when you want it to. Want to come home to a cool house? Easy.
  • Monitor your energy use with Energy History
  • Create zones within your home which will let you have the aircon on and off in different areas in the home

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