Your Exclusive Sneak Peek…

This week we really want to highlight the versatility of Dual Occupancy Homes that we spoke about back in September. This two storey home was another one of our finalists in the 2017 HIA Awards under the Specialised Housing of the Year (Dual Occupancy) category.

We built this home after the client told us their need for a dual occupancy home. They wanted to set themselves up for the future with a great house that would accommodate visiting family members and friends as well as give them a second income stream through Airbnb.

What our team created with these requirements is very impressive. We designed and built a home which has an upstairs area exclusive to guests. Both areas are fully equipped with their own kitchen, bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms which means that the living areas of the main home are not accessible by the secondary accommodation, giving both the residents of the main house and their guests total privacy.

What the owners of this home have done well is be proactive. Not only did they think ahead to create a steady second income from Airbnb and other short-term rentals, they have given themselves the option of providing their family accommodation when they might need it most.

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