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The nuts and bolts behind Modern Interior Design

Further to our Contemporary Interior Design Guide we thought there’s no better time to talk about its cousin, Modern Interior Design. With a huge focus on function, modern interior design is clean, stylish and very popular and it’s also the easiest type of interior design that is able to be personalised. Here are our top … Continue reading “The nuts and bolts behind Modern Interior Design”

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Do It Yourself guide to Contemporary Style

If you like to keep up-to-date with current styles and you enjoy modern things then Contemporary Style is for you. Most people think that modern interiors are very cold, with no warmth or heart but in contrast, contemporary interiors are curated to be welcoming without clutter. These interiors highlight space as opposed to things like … Continue reading “Do It Yourself guide to Contemporary Style”

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The “Must Know” about Dual Occupancy Homes

Dual occupancy homes are growing in popularity across Perth right now and it’s because of the potentially huge financial and lifestyle benefits. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of a dual occupancy home but it’s much cheaper to build a dual occupancy home than to build a second home as an investment or to house … Continue reading “The “Must Know” about Dual Occupancy Homes”

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Fall in love with Essa Stone!

Part of our Built Complete guarantee is our promise to build all of our homes with good quality materials so, drum roll please…let us introduce Essa Stone. Owned by Laminex Australia, Essa Stone is our go-to company for high quality stoneware. Their range of designs is huge and have the look of luxurious, natural stone. … Continue reading “Fall in love with Essa Stone!”

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Let’s make Hamptons Style HAPPEN!

If we’ve noticed anything recently it is that the classic Hamptons Style is so in right now and why not? It’s fresh, it’s beachy chic and perfect for Perth. We’ve been building and designing homes for over ten years now and when it comes to design tips, no one knows more than our Operations Manager, … Continue reading “Let’s make Hamptons Style HAPPEN!”

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Inspired Homes Wins Again

We are thrilled to kick off this year’s HIA award season by winning the 2017 HIA Kitchen and Bathroom – Livable Kitchen of the year award! Obviously it goes without saying that we couldn’t do it without our team. They shape our company for the better everyday and we are proud to stand with them … Continue reading “Inspired Homes Wins Again”

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A Behind the Scenes Look at our Building Process

If you ask someone about how long it took to build their house you will either be told it was really fast, or, really slow? To us, each build generally takes the same amount of time but why do the clients answers change? That’s easy, it’s because of the expectation that was set from the beginning. … Continue reading “A Behind the Scenes Look at our Building Process”

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Current Design Trends

Over the last ten years Inspired Homes have seen trends appear and disappear but one thing we’ve noticed that hasn’t changed over time is the resilience and durability of high quality materials. At Inspired Homes we pay particular attention to what’s going on in the design world and listening to our customers to identify trends … Continue reading “Current Design Trends”

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Save $11,500 with our Actron Air Conditioning Giveaway

Save $11,500 with our ActronAir Conditioning Giveaway! Between now and December 31st, 2017, we’re giving away free reverse cycle Actron Air conditioning to all new clients, that’s a saving of $11,500! ActronAir is proudly Australian owned and operated. They’ve been recognised for making world-class air conditioners. Just like all Australians, the team at ActronAir experience … Continue reading “Save $11,500 with our Actron Air Conditioning Giveaway”

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Winter Survival Guide

If you’re like us, as soon as the colder months approach us all we think about is comfort food and snuggly blankets right? Well…we’ve decided to put down the chocolates and do something a bit more productive this winter and created the ultimate winter warmer mood board for all of you. Whether you’re looking at … Continue reading “Winter Survival Guide”

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